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Thrillz KOP Hours Week of 4/22 - 4/29: Mon 4/22: 4-8; Tues 4/23: 12-8; Weds 4/24: 4-8; Thurs 4/25: 2-8; Fri 4/26: 4-10; Sat 4/27: 10-10; Sun 4/28: 10-8


🇺🇸Holiday Hours🇺🇸
July 4th: Closed

kop location holiday hours
Mon. feb 20th: 12pm-8pm

the thrillz obstacles

***Please note: Reservations are required for admission to the park on Saturdays***

Included in Thrillz Adventure Course Admission Tickets

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experience it all

*the following attractions are not included in your general admission ticket and can be purchased in-house or online

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Special Hours:
Columbus Day 11AM-8PM

Monday thru Thursday: 4–8PM
Friday: 4–10PM
Saturday: 10AM–10PM
Sunday: 10AM–8PM

Regular Hours:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesda: 3PM - 8PM
Wednesday: 3PM - 8PM
Thursday: 3PM - 8PM
Friday: 3PM - 11PM
Saturday: 11AM - 11PM
Sunday: 11AM - 8PM

Holiday Hours:

Mon, April 6th: 12PM-8PM
Tue, April 7th: 12PM-8PM
Wed, April 8th: 12PM-8PM
Thu, April 9th: 12PM-8PM
Fri, April 10th: (Good Friday): 10AM-11PM
Sat, April 11th: 11AM-11PM
Sun, April 12th (Easter): 1PM-8PM
Mon, April 13th: 10AM-8PM
Tue, April 14th: 10AM-8PM
Wed, April 15th: 10AM-8PM
Thu, April 16th: 10AM-8PM
Fri, April 17th: 10AM-11PM

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general admission

Thrillz KOP Weekend-Only Non-Participant Pricing:
$2: 60 min
$4: 90 min
$6: 120 min
Starting at $20 for 1 hour

Thrillz Adventure Course Admission

for ages 6 and up
Includes access to the iconic Thrillz obstacle courses, giant slides, and trampolines!
1 Hour
90 Mins
2 Hours
*Taxes not included
Book Now
  • Thrillz obstacle courses
  • Thrillz giant slides
  • Thrillz trampolines

3-Story Jungle Gym Admission

for ages 10 & Under
6,000 sqf and 3 floors of fun!
1 Hour
90 Mins
2 Hours
*Taxes not included
Book Now
  • Thrillz 3-story 6,000 sqf Jungle Gym
Starting at $15 for 1 hour

🌟 Thrillz Adventure Course + Jungle Gym Admission BUNDLE

for ages 6-10
Get access to the Thrillz obstacle courses, Thrillz giant slides, Thrillz trampoline courts and our ginormous jungle gym!
1 Hour
90 Mins
2 Hours
*Taxes not included
Book Now
  • Thrillz obstacle courses
  • Thrillz giant slides
  • Thrillz trampolines
  • Thrillz 3-story 6,000 sqf Jungle Gym
Starting at $25 for 1 hour

Toddler Zone Admission

for ages 3 & Under
Toddlers can choose from a variety of fun and interesting activities that are sure to keep them engaged!
1 Hour
90 Mins
2 Hours
*Taxes not included
Book Now
  • Thrillz Toddler Zone
Starting at $10 for 1 hour


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Frequently Asked Questions
for thrillz king of prussia, pa

please contact us via chat with any questions

What if I have more questions?

The best way is to contact us via the chat feature at the bottom right corner of the page! Leave us your email and we'll get back to you.

What if I need to change the date of my reservation?

No problem, you can message us via the chat icon in the bottom right corner and we can get that changed in the system to the new date and time.  Even if you don’t message us, we will still be able to find your reservation and honor it on a different date.

What if I am late for my reserved time?

There is a 20 minute grace period. No worries, we start your time when you arrive and check-in at the front counter.

Where do I park?

Please follow GPS directions to the 555 Henderson Road parking lot, if the parking lot is filled, please follow the signs for parking in our rear lot. If you have found that the rear lot is filled as well, please follow signs for our auxiliary parking less than a quarter mile away from our park at 601 Henderson Rd.

If I buy the non-participant ticket, can I still purchase other attractions like the VR Roller Coaster/Gyro/Laser Tag?

Yes, absolutely!

What are the age or height requirements for the rides?

- The Thrillz Obstacle Course, giant slides and trampoline courts are for kids 6 and up.
- Jr Thrillz ginormous indoor playground is for children 4-10 years old.
- Our Mini Thrillz is for kids 3 and under.
- Our Gyro has a minimum height requirement of 54 inches
- The VR Coaster has a min height requirement of 56 inches.

Do I have to purchase Thrillz Safety Grip Socks

If you already own a pair of safety grip socks, you can bring them. If not, you must purchase Thrillz Safety Grip Socks.

Do You sell food and beverages?

We provide high quality vending machines loaded with drinks, snacks, and some grab and go food items such as White Castle Burgers, Hot Dogs, Turkey, and Ham sandwiches. We provide microwaves to heat specific items and supply condiments. However, we do allow outside food and beverages in our park only to be eaten in designated areas where food and beverages are allowed.

What's included in the general admission ticket?

The general admission ticket price gives you 60, 90, or 120 minutes of access to all of our Thrillz adventure obstacles (shown at the top of our home page). The arcade, redemption counter, laser tag, gyro ride, and virtual reality roller coaster are separate tickets for purchase in-store.

Is there a height requirement at Thrillz?

Yes, there is a height requirement of 44" to enter the obstacle courses. Children 12 and under are welcome in our 4-floor 6,000sqf indoor playground with Jr and Mini admission tickets

Do I need socks and gloves?

Reusable non-slip socks are required in the park and are available for $3.50. Non-slip socks are not required for laser tag. Gloves are optional and are available for your convenience. If you already own a pair of safety grip socks, you can bring them. If not, you must purchase Thrillz Safety Grip Socks.

Do I need to buy tickets online or in the park?

We walk-ins are accepted on all days of operation except for Saturdays. Reservations are required on Saturdays (exceptions made depending on capacity limitations/no-shows). You can purchase tickets to make a reservation here.

When I order online, do you email me tickets?

Yes, we email you 1 confirmation email with all your tickets on that 1 email.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do have lockers available for $5.

Who can sign the waiver? (Can I sign a waiver for a kid who is not mine?)

Only the parent/legal guardian can sign a waiver for a child under 18. The waiver can be done online or in-store. Waivers only need to be filled out once and it stays on file with us. If you are bringing someone else's child please make sure that the parents fill out the waiver online here.

Is Thrillz only for kids?

Thrillz is fun for every kid and every-kid-at-heart. Our park is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

Does my arcade card expire?

No, your arcade card never expires and you can bring it with you every time you visit. Unfortunately, you cannot use your arcade card from our Danbury location at our KOP location.

How long is the Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride?

There are over several different virtual reality roller coaster rides. Some may take you to pre-historic Dinosaur Island, or on an upside-down flight over Mars. Each ride varies around 3-4 minutes in length, and forever in your memory.

Can I watch my kids play?

Yes, parents who sign a waiver can watch their kids on the obstacles.

Do you change your hours for vacation and holidays?

Yes, please check the website for the most up-to-date information.

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